Who Inspire You Most?

This morning I had a break first with a few friends. As usual, we had a casual talk until I opened my mouth that I’m a new blogger in town now. None of them pay serious attention to the blog sphere although they follow a fews popular blogs for news. I told them what make me jumped into the bandwagon. I told them the power of blogging. Blog is not only for your activities during free time but it a part of your works as an entrepreneur.

One of them asked me, why only now do I started blogging? He suggested, I should started way back in 2004. To me, it is very simple, I would rather late then never. Although I heard about the blogging since before 2004, I had no strong reason start. But reading David Meerman Scott – The New Rules of Marketing & PR really shifted my paradigm.

We went deeper and discussed why do I chose to write about entrepreneur. And who is my icon in the entrepreneur world? I answered both, but for this time, I prefer to talk about who am I admire most in Entrepreneurship.

1. Sir Richard Branson

He is not as rich as Bill Gates or Warrant Buffett. His wealth is only USD 4.4 billion compared to Gates USD 59.0 billion. I do not measure their wealth but I’m comparing them in person. Both of them started their business at very early age – Branson at age 16. Both of them did not have any universities qualification before they ventured into the entrepreneurial world.

However I admire Branson more because, he is one of the man on earth who have such an extra-ordinary endurance and persistence. He never take no as an answer and fail as a total failure. This make who he is today. He builds “Virgin” from zero. Today he has over 360 companies and 245th richest man in the world.

2. Dato’ Tony Fernandes

The founder of Air-Asia. With the tag line “Now everyone can fly” he changed the way of airways business specifically in Asia. He came out from no where and now he is in the position to lead the industry. Not only he managed to turn the millions dollar debt company to profitable but now he is ready to compete and win over many players in this region. Surprisingly including national carriers. I believe within a few years, his name will be on the top list of the ten richest man in Malaysia.


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