What can we learn from Kinokuniya

This afternoon, I went to Kinokuniya, KLCC one of the largest book store in Malaysia. My mission was to get a few books in IT for my projects. I think if you had been visiting Kino, you would agree that the book store is not only one of the best book store in town but the best library available in Kuala Lumpur. It is the best place where you can find almost any subjects & knowledge in the world.

I went straight to IT section. For the first time, I wanted to know how much source of knowledge about IT in the store. I started counting the subject title on the rack – Multimedia, Application, Certification, Networking, Programming and Operating System. There were together 14 racks and each rack estimated about 500 books/rack. Therefore all together, I estimated about 7,000 books. Then, it proofed to me what I said earlier, Kino is one of the best places to source your knowledge.

My first question was, why Kino can be one of the best book stores not only in Malaysia but in the world? I found my books here, which I could not find in any stores in KL. What does it really mean? Is Kino knows exactly what the clients want?

I have a few favorite bookstores in town to get my books. But what really make me stick to Kino is the way they understand me, understand my needs and wants. They never disappointed me. That is why, I cannot keep myself away from Kino especially when others say no to my needs. And I believe, this is not only happen to me but to all of their loyal customers.

So, can I say, if we want to be great – we must always be great to our customers.


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