Who is an Entrepreneur?

Have you ever tried to answer the above simple question? It is a shot and simple question but the answer is not so straight forward. I know, you heard the same question over and over in your life – in business world or in your class room. We found so many answers in so many perspectives by so many people so call experts.

I personally very keen to know what is the best answer for the above question might be. Therefore I decided to do a research on Entrepreneur in my for my MSc Project Management dissertation.

What I had found that the definition of entrepreneur alone was so broad and had gone through so many evolutions. From very early defined by Richard Cantilon in 1725 to the latest definition by Harvard’s Business School. The definition was sometime so confusing and not easy to understand. To cut the story short, I don’t think it worth to discuss further in this blog.

Right here, I’m  not interested to listen to those “experts” who most of them were never do the real entrepreneurial works in their entire life – purely in lab! I really want to listen from all of you who are really genuine entrepreneurs.

If you think you are an entrepreneur, tell us who you really are? It can be in simple and plain answers but we know you are the real entrepreneurs!


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